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Freedom, Power & Joy

In my pursuit of my life purpose, to develop and promote Freedom, Power & Joy for myself and others I am developing my new blog. It will focus on how we foster freedom, power and joy in our lives. For me, this means exploring how to be in business for oneself, or transform our view of ourselves in our work life so that we feel the freedom, power and joy of being alive. It has never been enough for me to settle into the job and wait to be promoted or to settle for the status quo, wherever I find myself. I encourage others not to settle, either. This is who I am. My journey in life has connected me with some great friends, supporters, coaches and mentors. In my blog I would like to introduce you to my experience, knowledge and perspectives as I have found them, and hopefully as we connect, you can introduce me to more people who can share this vision. I see a better world emerging all around me. In sharing we all prosper.

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  1. AHO!! Thanks for the oppportunity…… SISSTAR*

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