Pursuing your passions

Where Do You Start?

When it comes to pursuing the dream you have, it may be hard to figure out where to start. Depending on your dream, you may have a hard time discerning your options, or you may have too many choices. Where do you begin?

The best approach is to envision the elements of your dream and work backwards. What are the keys to making this life work the way you want it to? Are you interested in making a lot more money, but doing it on your own schedule? Are you trying to make a real difference in people’s lives? Are you passionate about creating something?

You could be a freelancer, a contractor, an affiliate marketer, a franchiser, a moonlighter, an owner/operator, or a founding member. A lot depends on where you are now, as well as where you want to be.

There are  a lot of franchise opportunities that do not cost a fortune. Are you looking to take a system that has been tried and tested and apply it and run with it? This is a franchise model.

If you are looking to build something “on the side” while you continue to work your “day job” you may want to look at affiliate marketing opportunities. However, if it is all about you, and your particular skill or talent, then you may be looking at contract work, or freelancing.

No matter which way you go, you are part of the wave of the future. More and more people are creating their own opportunities. Some in highly creative, dynamic ways, that include collaborating with others and forming “co-operative” business models.

Where will your dream take you? How can I help you get there? My passion is for research and writing projects. I enjoy learning new things and sharing what I have learned in a variety of formats. Contact me if you have an idea that needs development.

I love feedback! :) Please comment below.

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