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I am sitting in the fog and rain of a Buffalo spring at the Outer Harbor on Lake Erie waiting for Pierre Wallinder to arrive for our meeting. I am thinking of how little I have really enjoyed the waterfront in all my years living in Buffalo. Coming here from Sweden, Pierre has a passion for our natural resources that I think many of us have taken for granted. He started Sail Buffalo, and has joined forces with the Cazenovia Community Resource Center and Buffalo will soon be much the better for their efforts.

4. Sail Buffalo- A Community Boating Center PP Presentation-2013-2-12_43. Sail Buffalo- A Community Boating Center

Thanks to the Greenway Commission, more of us have a chance to fully enjoy the beauty of our waterways. Recent approval for grant funding will expand the Cazenovia Community Boating Center and Sailing School, allowing their Pavilion to be converted into a science lab, building of a greenhouse and an upgrade to the docking system to allow safe access for people with disabilities.


This is the second year the Cazenovia Community Boating Center will be operating out of the location they operate as licensees from the United States Coast Guard. It is the site where the lighthouse ship was docked over 100 years ago.


“My dream is everybody’s dream, to have a spot created for generations, that will provide community access under the safest possible conditions. The reality of Buffalo’s weather conditions cannot be underestimated, but with careful planning and the right team spirit, we wanted to show that it is possible,” Pierre said.

5. Sail Buffalo- A Community Boating Center PP Presentation-2013-2-12_5012013

The Cazenovia Community Boating Center (CCBC) offers a series of programs that combine to offer holistic wellness. Eventually, the components of the project will develop all the skills needed for a successful sea voyage. Nutrition is an important part of that equation, hence the greenhouse.


The project has brought together the efforts of a strong board and several community leaders to develop a shared vision of a brighter, more sustainable future for Buffalo’s Waterfront.

Comments on: "Making Buffalo’s Waterfront More Accessible" (6)

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark said:

    Happy to see good things are happening in my hometown. I miss it so….

    • You should come and visit! Where are you located, now?

      • greyzoned/angelsbark said:

        I’m in Austin TX. And I HATE the summers here. So outrageously hot. I miss Buffalo especially in the summers but then I miss it in the winter because it doesn’t get cold enough here for me! Other than the weather, I do love Austin. Great city. But I do so miss home…

      • My father lives near there, in Wimberley. I have not been down there, yet. I was thinking of relocating, possibly there. Is there water near by? The rest of my family of origin live in Phoenix, and I am too much of a water lover to go there. I may just go to California, or Colorado, or Hawaii! Or maybe I will just become a gypsy!

      • greyzoned/angelsbark said:

        Lots of water around here! Awesome lakes! Rivers. And the ocean (Corpus Christi) 3 hours away! You would love it here. Water sports and boating is huge out here. The summers are God-awful though. So hot and humid. If you can hang with that, everything else about this city is fabulous…except the traffic.

      • Oh, sounds great!

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