Pursuing your passions


Hello Readers,

My life has been pretty crazy, up in the air, so I have not been posting much on here. I hope to change that. My house is in the process of being sold and I have quit a job that does not really suit me. My plan is to move across the country from Buffalo, NY to the Austin, TX area. It is quite a project to pack up and clear out my house, as you can imagine. I am really excited to make a fresh start in a completely new (much warmer) area!

I am looking for work, either steady, or on a contract basis, that involves writing, editing, and projects that involve research and administrative work. I have good business sense, a diverse background, and a lot of enthusiasm! Please contact me if you think I may be able to be of service.

For now, I am enjoying the free fall!


I love feedback! :) Please comment below.

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