Pursuing your passions

For years I believed that people in authority innately had more power than I did. They somehow “got” things that went right past me. They carried themselves as if they had been bestowed with the Divine Right to authority over others, or so it seemed, to me.

I struggled with self-confidence. I was riddled with self-doubt. I had very high standards for myself, and expectations no one would have ever imagined.

Life has dealt me some really severe blows. Betrayals as a child, bullying, heartbreak as a young adult, the death of a spouse and simultaneous dissolution of a career path I loved. I have had the metaphorical rug pulled out from under me and the ground beneath me open up seemingly ready to swallow me alive.

I am a survivor. But I long to be a thriver. I have had a lot of “stuff” to unpack as far as metaphysical baggage to learn how and why I am here, and what I am really made of. I am stronger than I ever imagined. I have endured what I considered unimaginable. I don’t have awards or medals or a pile of cash to show for it. I have a soul made of steel.

I know I can handle whatever life throws at me. This is a power that many of those in authority would not understand. I have seen the emperors new clothes, and I am unimpressed. I am more impressed with the folks who have endured similar struggles and heartaches to my own. We are legion. We are here as beacons to one another. We are more powerful than we have been led to believe.

Let’s unpack our greatness together. Please share with me some of the amazing things you have endured that no one would ever suspect of you. I would love to see your comments below, or to hear from you via e-mail at freedompowerjoy@gmail.com

Onward, to your most empowered self!

I love feedback! :) Please comment below.

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