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What is the Love Economy?


What is the Love Economy?

Have you heard of the “Love Economy?” It is a term coined by Hazel Henderson in her ground breaking work analyzing economic factors in her research to better equip her to speak with officials regarding concerns she had over the environment.

The “Love Economy” refers to work that is done, which holds economic value (i.e., someone would potentially be motivated to pay money for the product or service provided by the work) but which is in fact done out of mere love. I say “mere love” with all the irony attendant with that phrase intended.

Women are the predominant contributors to the “Love Economy” based on traditional gender roles, however, any time we assist and elderly friend or relative, any time we help a child, any time we share with a vulnerable friend or neighbor–or give freely, to anyone, for that matter, we participate in the “Love Economy.”

Adults who stay home and raise their children participate in the “Love Economy.” People who Home School their children are contributing to the “Love Economy,” as are folks who grow food and share it with their family, friends, and neighbors.

What examples can you think of the “Love Eonomy” at work in your world?

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  1. This is an eye opener for me – “Love Economy”. My 91 year old mother-in-law lives with my husband and I, we prepare her healthy meals, do her laundry, give her insulin shots and meds and unselfishly give our time to other areas of need.

    Thanks for sharing your post about Love Economy, it is a good read.

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