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Why Entrepreneurship? Why Now?

In a shifting and changing economic landscape employment is not such a secure strategy. Risk is a relative term that is often applied to entrepreneurship or self-employment. But that grew out of a context where labor unions were strong and growing. The idea of job security was more than a bad joke. Many large employers offered substantial benefits.

Those days are gone.

The Real Economic Risk

The economic reality we face is that the trend in large corporations has been toward off-shoring and outsourcing labor. The drive for quarterly returns makes their decision-making short-sighted. Long-term visions are only an illusion in that context.

Most of us cannot afford to hang our dreams on such illusions. The truth is there are very few corporate jobs and they are much more INSECURE than we used to believe them to be. We have to create our own stability and security.

It takes more work, some confidence, and solid information to create your own stability. But pursuing your own vision is well worth the challenge.

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurs!

Being an entrepreneur does not require that you invent anything wildly unique, necessarily. You do not have to be an engineering genius, or a master chef, or even do everything on your own! You can ask others for and get help from others. You could even form a cooperative business model.

The only limitations on going into business are the limits of your imagination, and, perhaps, the laws of your locality.

What is required is a lot of reflection, self-assessment and analysis. You have to look within as much as you look at the data in your market; maybe even more than you look at outside information.

Entrepreneurism requires the courage of your convictions. You have to  be strong enough to keep going when you hit the inevitable bumps in the road.

Why Not Start Small?

On the other hand, you do not have to go all in right away. It is not necessary to quit your job to get started. It may be wiser not to, until you reach the point of consistently replacing that income.

However, if you have a lump sum that you can fund your lifestyle and your startup with, it may build momentum faster because you can focus more time and energy into getting it going. Building slowly has the advantage of not straining your capacity to fulfill your obligations to your customers, one reason some businesses fail.

My next post is going to discuss some resources you can use to help you pursue your passions.

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Veterinarian Starts Business to Help Support Pet Rescues

PR+DogsGlenn Buckley, DVM, and his brother Scott Buckley, with Glenn’s dogs.

What if spending money on your own pet allowed you to help support pet rescues in your community? What if you could do that without spending more money on your purchases? Welcome to Pet Rescue Rx, “A Pets Before Profits Pharmacy.”

Pet Rescue Rx is the brainchild of Glenn Buckley, DVM. He has volunteered in many pet rescues since becoming a Veterinarian in 1999. They all face the same problem: inadequate funding.

Glenn put together the idea for his company after considering the success of Newman’s Own Brand, which uses the model of selling products and donating the profits to charities. He thought, why not use this model to help fund pet rescues?

“Every year in the United States between 5 and 7 million pets are surrendered. Sixty to seventy percent of them will never be adopted into loving homes. Most shelters and rescues rely almost one hundred percent on donations. Our customers, when they make a purchase, choose which organization they would like funding to go to. If the organization is not listed, they can enter the information and we will contact them.”

Scott Buckley is the one who designed the web site. He owns an IT company in Akron, NY. They opened Pet Rescue Rx in June of 2013, after about a year of researching and developing the idea. Pricing is a key component of their business model.

“One of the big reasons pets are surrendered is the cost of caring for them. We price our products very reasonably to try to keep people from having to surrender their pets, as well as helping the pets that have been surrendered to shelters already.”

Glenn Buckley owns two Emergency Veterinary hospitals in Florida which contributed start up funding for this project. The brothers draw no income from the endeavor, it is a labor of love for them. The two dogs in the picture belonging to Glenn, Roz and Geri are rescue dogs.

Growing Strong

In order to sell prescription medications, licenses must be obtained in each state individually. Pet Rescue Rx is currently licensed in 23 states. It is a licensed New York state pharmacy based in Akron, NY. They will continue pursuing licensing in the remaining 27 states. Nonprescription products can be sold in any state.

“Every month we are getting more and more customers. The response has been absolutely wonderful, and through them, we are able to give back. We have already sent checks to those rescues and shelters who are registered and we are getting ready to send out a second round of checks.”

They anticipate being able to send checks out on a quarterly basis. There are currently over 200 shelters and rescues registered to receive donations. More sign on every day.

All of this growth has occurred based on word of mouth, and a couple of articles and blog pieces. You can do your part by visiting their site:

Pet Rescue Rx

liking them on facebook:

and buying products from their web site!

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Link to Neurs

Link to Neurs

A new web portal for business owners, would be entrepreneurs, and service providers to entrepreneurs. It is getting ready to launch on Saturday. If you would like an invitation to become an affiliate–it’s free–just enter your information in the box on the web site.

Are You Sleepworking?

Do you feel like you could do your job in your sleep? Are you bored out of your mind, uninspired and just fed up with the day-to-day drudgery of exchanging your time for a paycheck that never goes far enough?

You are not alone. Millions of people share in your pain. Many dream of owning a business. But do you have what it takes to own and run your own business? Do you know what it takes?

From my years of interviewing entrepreneurs I can tell you, it takes passion, determination, optimism, perseverance, and a lot of creative thinking.

That Four-letter-word

It also takes a willingness to take on something a lot of people don’t like to talk about. It is that dirty word known as RISK.

If you are not willing to accept the risk involved, you will not be able to handle going into business for yourself. You must come to terms with risk, what it means to you and what comes along with it.

Risk is simply the chance that things will not go according to your plan, and you will lose time and money. It is the opposite of security. Security is when you are sure that you will not be wasting time or money, you will be paid and you can count on it. These are both matters of perception.

It’s All Relative

In reality, there is no such thing as security, there is risk everywhere, it is inherent in every moment of life. There is no guarantee that your government will not fail, that the earth will keep turning on its axis, that lightening won’t strike, or you won’t suddenly fall ill.

If you know you had a year to live, would you do anything differently? This is a way of turning your perception of risk on its head. What would security mean in that scenario?

Wake Up

Hopefully we all have a long life ahead of us. Even so, how do we want to spend it? Is there a way to wake up to your work and find new meaning in it, right where you are? Is it possible to add life to your time outside of work that would really be satisfying?

Don’t waste another moment sleepworking. Dream yourself awake by focusing on what is really meaningful to you, and offering your best self each and every moment to the world. You will not regret it.

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