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It is What You Make of It

Starting this blog is a labor of love for me. My path has had many twists and turns, particularly in the areas of career/work.

Sharing this journey with all of you is a way for me to share healing with all of you. We are all in this world to help each other and heal ourselves.

It takes some time for us to understand struggles others face, because we can get caught up in our own, or we may be blessedly free of them, for a time.

Creatures of Adaptation

It has been said many times that we humans are creatures of habit. But what happens when life throws a monkey wrench into our familiar habit patterns?

Well, first, we may get a little out of joint. But, by and large, we find our way to adapt to the changes, and keep moving. This is hardwired into our beings. It is part of our will to survive.

Unfortunately, we may adapt and form habits that hinder our true expression of ourselves. We may stifle our calling or our passion in an effort to adapt to what we perceive as the limitations or challenges of our current reality.

Creatures of Surpassation

While we may adapt, survive, and plug away, deep within, we feel a need for more. We all want to surpass something. We all have dreams, huge dreams, big enough to rock the world, if only we let them out.

This is also deeply indicative of who we are as humans. This desire to surpass is part of our connection to The Divine. We all feel something when we look up at the stars, or ponder a great storm, the vastness of the ocean, or a lovely mountain range.

Writing is what makes me feel connected to this aspect of myself. It seems to be my calling. I am pushing myself to put it out there with faith that you will connect with me, and with your own inner passion, drive, or calling.

How can I help you connect with your drive to surpass? What have you found that lifts you to new heights? We are in this together, I am cheering you on! If you have a story you would like to share I would love to interview you for my blog! 

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Veterinarian Starts Business to Help Support Pet Rescues

PR+DogsGlenn Buckley, DVM, and his brother Scott Buckley, with Glenn’s dogs.

What if spending money on your own pet allowed you to help support pet rescues in your community? What if you could do that without spending more money on your purchases? Welcome to Pet Rescue Rx, “A Pets Before Profits Pharmacy.”

Pet Rescue Rx is the brainchild of Glenn Buckley, DVM. He has volunteered in many pet rescues since becoming a Veterinarian in 1999. They all face the same problem: inadequate funding.

Glenn put together the idea for his company after considering the success of Newman’s Own Brand, which uses the model of selling products and donating the profits to charities. He thought, why not use this model to help fund pet rescues?

“Every year in the United States between 5 and 7 million pets are surrendered. Sixty to seventy percent of them will never be adopted into loving homes. Most shelters and rescues rely almost one hundred percent on donations. Our customers, when they make a purchase, choose which organization they would like funding to go to. If the organization is not listed, they can enter the information and we will contact them.”

Scott Buckley is the one who designed the web site. He owns an IT company in Akron, NY. They opened Pet Rescue Rx in June of 2013, after about a year of researching and developing the idea. Pricing is a key component of their business model.

“One of the big reasons pets are surrendered is the cost of caring for them. We price our products very reasonably to try to keep people from having to surrender their pets, as well as helping the pets that have been surrendered to shelters already.”

Glenn Buckley owns two Emergency Veterinary hospitals in Florida which contributed start up funding for this project. The brothers draw no income from the endeavor, it is a labor of love for them. The two dogs in the picture belonging to Glenn, Roz and Geri are rescue dogs.

Growing Strong

In order to sell prescription medications, licenses must be obtained in each state individually. Pet Rescue Rx is currently licensed in 23 states. It is a licensed New York state pharmacy based in Akron, NY. They will continue pursuing licensing in the remaining 27 states. Nonprescription products can be sold in any state.

“Every month we are getting more and more customers. The response has been absolutely wonderful, and through them, we are able to give back. We have already sent checks to those rescues and shelters who are registered and we are getting ready to send out a second round of checks.”

They anticipate being able to send checks out on a quarterly basis. There are currently over 200 shelters and rescues registered to receive donations. More sign on every day.

All of this growth has occurred based on word of mouth, and a couple of articles and blog pieces. You can do your part by visiting their site:

Pet Rescue Rx

liking them on facebook:

and buying products from their web site!

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