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How Powerful is Your Voice?


Recently I discovered a poet through a random post on facebook. This blog is not about poetry, but it is about pursuing your passions. Well, I actually have a passion for poetry, hidden behind my passion for writing, and small business.

I have tried to make a living writing, so I have deferred my passion for the arts and poetry until “someday.” This poet, Wild Irish Poet, did the opposite. He pursued his passion for the arts with full force. He left his home in Ireland to come to New York City in 2001, just after September 11th tragedies. He worked his way to achieving an Emmy for his film “Home: The Movie.”

He returned to Ireland several years later and had another film in the works called, “The Spirit of Ireland — An Odyssey Home.”

There are several reasons I find Alan Cooke, aka Wild Irish Poet, so captivating. One is the romance of Ireland, which I claim some heritage from. Another is his courage to pursue his vision. His work, itself, however, is what I most admire.

Wild Irish Poet displays a highly developed poetic sensibility and his voice is professionally trained to produce a most melodious effect when listening to him narrate his work, or that of others.

Solstice Moon by Emmy Winning Writer Alan Cooke

As a poet, myself, who prefers to perform my poems, I recently started taking lessons from Alan Cooke, to improve my voice expression. He describes what he does as “Teaching Soul Voice.”

Wild Irish Poet

What if we were all speaking from the depths of our Soul, all day, every day? How would the world change?

If you would like to learn to develop your Soul Voice, you can contact him at alanmcooke@gmail.com


For me, someday, is now.


It is What You Make of It

Starting this blog is a labor of love for me. My path has had many twists and turns, particularly in the areas of career/work.

Sharing this journey with all of you is a way for me to share healing with all of you. We are all in this world to help each other and heal ourselves.

It takes some time for us to understand struggles others face, because we can get caught up in our own, or we may be blessedly free of them, for a time.

Creatures of Adaptation

It has been said many times that we humans are creatures of habit. But what happens when life throws a monkey wrench into our familiar habit patterns?

Well, first, we may get a little out of joint. But, by and large, we find our way to adapt to the changes, and keep moving. This is hardwired into our beings. It is part of our will to survive.

Unfortunately, we may adapt and form habits that hinder our true expression of ourselves. We may stifle our calling or our passion in an effort to adapt to what we perceive as the limitations or challenges of our current reality.

Creatures of Surpassation

While we may adapt, survive, and plug away, deep within, we feel a need for more. We all want to surpass something. We all have dreams, huge dreams, big enough to rock the world, if only we let them out.

This is also deeply indicative of who we are as humans. This desire to surpass is part of our connection to The Divine. We all feel something when we look up at the stars, or ponder a great storm, the vastness of the ocean, or a lovely mountain range.

Writing is what makes me feel connected to this aspect of myself. It seems to be my calling. I am pushing myself to put it out there with faith that you will connect with me, and with your own inner passion, drive, or calling.

How can I help you connect with your drive to surpass? What have you found that lifts you to new heights? We are in this together, I am cheering you on! If you have a story you would like to share I would love to interview you for my blog! 

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